Halladay price tag to high

73394596CC025_Toronto_Blue_I was fairly convinced that Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay was going to be traded to the Phillies but now I’m saying no way. Simply put the Jays want to much in return for a 32 year old pitcher. The Jays proposal is Kyle Drabek, JA Happ, and Dominic Brown for Halladay. Drabek ,son of former major leauger Doug Drabek, was the Phillies 1st round pick in the 2006 Draft and is their best pitching prospect. Drabek has a curve ball that can make a grown man cry and at 21 years old is almost certain to be a star in the MLB. Happ is already up playing with the Phillies and is 7-1 with an ERA of 2.97 and has 71 strike outs in 100 innings this year. They also want Dominic Brown who is their top outfield prospect is probably their top overall prospect as well.
So you can see why the Phillies are telling the Jays they are crazy. The Jays should know that his value will never be as high as it is right now, just now that high. Trading him is the smart move but lets see if they can pull the trigger on a reasonable offer. Don’t be surprised if some team swoops in at the last minute with an offer the Jays can’t refuse. Also don’t be surprised if the Jays just keep him and either deal him in the off-season or hold on to him and hope they can build a winner next year.

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