The Mets Corner with Tony G


Welcome back fellow Mets fanatics. The Mets had a rather disappointing first half of the season. With NY riddled with injuries they managed to put together a team that couldn’t even end the first half of the season at 500. Currently New York’s record is 44 and 48 which puts them nine games behind the smoking red hot Phillies and in 4th place in the division. I’m not saying that the season is over, there is plenty of baseball to be played, but they better start winning some games before they dig themselves a hole that even a mole can’t get itself out of.

I think that NY needs to pick up a big name pitcher to boost the rotation and get some quality starts out of him, they also need to pick up an addition to their outfield while Beltran Is still out. Beltran could be out until the end of August for all we know. I think that when Reyes gets back at the top of that lineup and starts getting some runners on base and manufacturing some runs then the Mets will start putting together some win streaks. Fans just have to hold their breath and hope that it’s not too late in the season to turn their fate around.

I do like the addition of Jeff Francoeur, who has played rather well for the Mets since coming over a week ago. Since being traded to the Mets from Atlanta , Francoeur is 10-for-29 with a homer and seven RBI in his first seven games. We will have to wait and see if the change of scenery will do Francoeur good . If Francoeur can get his game back to what it was in 2007 then the Mets will look a whole lot better. On the other hand if he is going to be a bum like he was the last year and half then it’s just another dumb personnel move by Omar Minaya. I guess that is the life a GM leads.

So hang in there Mets fans and let’s hope that NY picks up a big name before the trade deadline and start playing like they are capable of.

By Anthony Guglielmo

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