All-star break

The MLB is on it’s annual All-Star Break.  It’s a time to recharge the batteries and gear up for the second half of the season.  I will take this opportunity to lay out some things to watch in the second half.

  1. The AL East. The Yanks Bo Sox and Rays battling it out. One of these teams will not make the post season and it’s a shame cause they are all really good teams.
  2. The Dodgers and Manny. Will the Dodgers keep Juan Pierre? Will they ship in a possible Halladay switch?! questions and no answers is the way it seems.
  3. How will Pedro fare in Philly now that is a forgone conclusion. If Pedro passes his physical today he will be in Philly after the break.  It will be interesting to see if the Phillies look for another starter and leave Pedro in the Pen?
  4. Can the Mets get healthy and make a run at the NL East?
  5. Can Boston continue to dominate the Yankees (they play again in the beginning of August)?
  6. Can the Rockies keep up the winning ways under their new skipper.
  7. Can the the Nationals and their new skipper Jim Rigglemen at least have a respectable second half.

Some things to think about why the the stars play in St. Louis.

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