Xavier Nady hurts elbow in rehab assignment

nadyslastopicIt seems that Xavier Nady has taken himself out of a rehab game in Scranton tonight after feeling pain in his elbow. If I recall I called this on numerous occasions. Elbows are not easily rehabbed, especially ones where surgery was the likely outcome in the first place. Yes we have no official word yet but It seems the worse is probably the case. Tightness is a setback, Pain is usually” ok we tried its time for surgery and maybe he will play for someone somewhere next year. I stated before he would not make it back from rehab assignment that the Elbow was a ticking time bomb. Don’t get me wrong I’m not happy about Nady’s elbow or injury. Nady is a hell of a player when he is right. What I do like is being right and everyone else being wrong. Ive been saying all along that his elbow was a time bomb and without the surgery he was just one hard throw away from it blowing up. I am also happy on the ramifications of more playing time for Nick Swisher and Brett Gardner. Both of which bring better fielding and base running than Nady. However the Bat of a healthy Nady will be sorely missed. If they had listened to me and he had had the surgery in the first place there is a chance that he may have made it back for a September run. (although unlikely) Now if the worse case scenario has reared its ugly head you may have seen the last of Nady in pinstripes.

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