Smoltz’s comeback not perfect, not bad



Smoltz’s line read 5IP, 7H, 5R, 1BB, 1HB, 5Ks  with 92 pitches thrown. That isn’t that bad for a 42 year old start who is coming off of surgery. He also struck out the final 3 batters he faced in the 5th inning. Overall he felt good though and said that once he gets a couple more starts under his belt and meshes into the 5man rotation he will be just fine.  Smoltz off speed stuff was getting hitters out. That is a good sign. His fast ball was hitting 92 on the gun.  His strikeout to walk ratio was better with his off speed stuff then his fast ball.  If he can lock in that fast ball he will be an asset to the Redsox.

With Smoltz back and Dice-K on the DL for what looks to be forever are the Redsox hurting? Absolutely not. With Beckett, Wakefield, Lester, Penny, and Smotlz this is one of the most formidable starting rotations in baseball.  The Sox’s bullpen is also extremely good. Boston has the 4th lowest ERA in the AL.  If Ortiz keeps heating up like he has been this team is heading for another AL East division Title.

By Michael Genovese

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