Baltimore a seller

george-sherrill The Baltimore Orioles may be a seller. According to Peter Schmuck of the The Baltimore Sun they could be both.  A player that intrigues Schmuck and myself is George Sherrill. Sherrill was an all-star last year and is well on his way to having another all-star season again this year. The O’s are 11 games out of first in the AL East but not out of it yet.

There are severall teams that need bull pen help. Lets look at a couple of them. For one the Yankees are in need of pen help even though they  have been better as of late.  My friend Mike Rook (who doubles as the owner of this site) thinks that a Nady for Sherrill trade could be good for everyone. Nady is expendable with the advancement of Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner. The Detroit Tigers could also look to add a reliever to help Joel Zumaya and Fernando Rodney. Sherrill could bridge the gap in the 8th and make the Tigers bullpen one of the best in baseball.  Imagine a Zumaya, Sherrill, Rodney 1-2-3 Punch. Plus Sherrill could save if Rodney can’t. Dangerous stuff.

Those are just some thoughts. Feel free to shoot out some other ideas you all might be thinking of.

By Michael Genovese

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One Comment on “Baltimore a seller”

  1. mike rook Says:

    Actually I dont think Nady has any value right now with his elboe the way it is but Id be open to giving them Melky for him

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