Fehr retiring from the MLBPA


Thank god. The sooner Bud “steroid king” Selig follows him the better. I am personally disgusted with all of these guys. Fehr is one of the worst out of them all. He turned a blind eye while players, owners, “trainers” ruined this hallowed game of baseball.  They let guys smash 70 home runs in a season so they could sell tickets and make more money.

Hell I am all about making money. I can’t relate because, you know, I hardly make any. You know what though, at the end of a long day I could go home sit down and enjoy America’s past time. I knew these guys worked hard and played hard and that’s how they got to where they were. Turns out that is all bullshit. Because what really was happening is “d bags” like Fehr were ruining the game with steroids and supplements.  I for one say good riddance. What he did to help players in their “fight” against owners is admirable. Truth be told though his bad far outweighed his good in my eyes.

By Michael Genovese

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