The Ordonez benching a deeper look

magglio-ordonez-smiling-180Looking at the general overview of the numbers and one would say ok here is an older player that just isn’t hitting as well as the Tigers would like and  they are benching him in an effort to get into the playoffs. My esteemed colleague Mike Geovosey said it well when he stated that Magglio Ordonez is 35 years old and is seeing the natural result of being  an aging player.

Now here is the part that you would miss if you didn’t take a deeper look.  Baseball isn’t always what have you done this year as much as what have you done lately. In the last 30 days Ordonez is batting .301  in 20 games he has 22 singles and 4 doubles which adds up to a .349 slugging percentage. Now I know what your saying, your saying “Mike that can’t be true they would never bench a guy that has been that hot over the last month”

Here is what they are not telling you .Ordonez’s contract calls for vesting options that would kick in depending on the number of times he bats this year, so the Tigers’ decision to bench Ordonez seems financially motivated. He needs 215 plate appearances for an $18M option to vest for 2010, and there’s another $15M at stake for 2011.

If the tigers start him in less than 60 of the remaining games they stand to save 18 million dollars. Now that you have this information do you still think they are doing whats best for their team or whats best for their wallet.

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One Comment on “The Ordonez benching a deeper look”

  1. Ryan Witkop Says:

    Ordonez I am your #1 bigest fan I shok your hand on June-Thered-Tow Thousened Nine 😀
    Ryan Witkop

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