Struggling Dice-K to miss next start for Red Sox

Struggling Dice-K to miss next start for Red Sox

matsuzaka09How do you go from 18-3 to 1-5? Last season I thought he was going to win the CY young award this season he is hanging on to his job be a thread. Daisuke Matsuzaka has an ERA of 8.33 he finished last season with an ERA of 2.90. I can’t think of a more dramatic drop off for any player in recent history not named Big Papi.

John Smoltz will be taking his spot in the Rotation for his first start of the season sense coming of the DL. Smoltz has been great in his rehab games and you can’t ignore his hall of fame resume unlike Matsuzaka , Smoltz will not forget how to pitch.Smoltz only threw 28 innings in 2008 so he really hasn’t pitched sense 2007 where he threw 205 innings and went 13-8. At 40 thats pretty impressive. But now hes 42 and that 200 inning season seems but a distant memory. He will most certainly be on a pitch count at first but can he come back to 2007 form?   Will the Red Sox ultimately be turning to someone like Clay Bucholtz who has had some success in the bigs in the past.

My opinion is that Smoltz will be ok but will not be the dominate pitcher he once was. As for Daisuke Matsuzaka i have no clue at least Chein Ming Wang could blame his struggles on rehabbing injury. Dice K just sucks

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