The Mets Corner with Tony G

Welcome back Mets Corner faithful. It was another heartbreaking week for Mets fans. First off New York lost two out of three to the Phillies, which rips my heart out every time. Second they lost two out of three to the Yankees. The loss to the Yanks hurts like cutting your finger while slicing up some chicken while working at Ruby Tuesdays. The loss to the Phils hurts like getting kicked in the junk with no pants on, by your buddy at a party. Both hurt but I would rather cut my finger.

I know you readers think I am going to dog Luis Castillo this week about dropping that routine fly ball with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning to lose the game on Friday. I’m not; he is a Gold Glover who is entitled to a mistake just like any other professional sports athlete. Castillo gives the Mets 100 percent every game and is an important part on both sides of the ball, offensively and defensively. I actually tip my hat to Luis for being able to shake it off and follow up with two pretty decent games against the Yanks.

I would like to know who Brian Bruney thinks he is, calling K-Rods celebrations on the mound a tired act. For one Rodriguez is one of the best closers in the game and probably will be for some time to come. Secondly, Bruney has pitched only once for New York since April 21st because of a strained elbow. I will tell you what when Brian Bruney can stay healthy for more than a week , then he can start disrespecting other players, but until then he needs to shut his mouth.

I want to comment on the disgrace to the game known as Sammy Sosa or any other player who needs to cheat to be any good. Steroids ruined a great era in baseball. Barry Bonds needs to give that Home Run title back to Hank Aaron where it belongs. Barry should be ashamed for letting major league baseball give him a celebration like they did when he hit the “record breaking homerun”. I can only imagine how the players that worked hard their whole careers without steroids feel. A lot of good pitchers stats are ruined because of steroid freaks hitting the ball a mile. I have a lot of love for the guys putting in ten hours a day in the off season to get better the right way, not the easy way by putting a needle in their ass. I am glad that the steroid era is just about over, and the steroids users are finally paying for ruining the greatest game ever played.

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