Sammy Sosa and the roids

sammy-sosa-4-21-03 It shouldn’t surprise anyone. It shouldn’t be an overly big deal. Most people should just look at this story and say ok he cheated we all knew that already.  Truth is though, it is upsetting. The whole era is tarnished. There are 102 other names on that 03 list sitting there like a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode all over my childhood. I sit and I wonder when are the rest going to come out? Will they trickle out and mess with my brain on a daily basis or weekly basis? These are questions as a diehard baseball guy I have to ask myself and get sick over.

For instance, is Derek Jeter? Because if he is I am going to be sick. Physically sick. Is Albert Pujlos on that list? Is Frank Thomas on that list? Is Mike Piazza on that list? Is Jr. on that list? Its nerve racking. It’s also unfair to trickle names out like they are doing.  Sammy Sosa states last week he was clean and then boom a test he took that was suppose to be private comes to light and he looks like a cheater and a liar. The whole thing stinks. I blame the Union and the Owners working in conjunction with each other to defraud the public. It is a boarder line crime.

By Michael Genovese

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