a new milestone

Behind the foul pole has surpassed 11000 visitors sense its creation in April of this year. When I started this little project I could never have imagined it would become so popular. Actually I did it mainley to increase my own knowlage of the game. Im glad you all stop and read and Im only to happy to give you my twisted swing on the baseball news thats out there. However I have two wishes , 1. you add us to your favorites list or blog roll. 2. YOU LEAVE MORE COMMENTS. nothing gets me more motivated to write new and original stuff than to know there are real people out there reading and commenting on the stuff we write. Myself and my Partner Mike Genvosey work hard at researching and writing the stuff for you so your opinions would be a valued commodity. Thank you for those who have commented in the past It hasn’t gone unnoticed. Those of you who can’t comment in English why bother I’m just going to delete what i cant read. How do I know your not typing some code in a plot to let Aliens invade the earth geeesh. This being said I declare this national comment week. If you read an article leave a comment on what you thought or I will track you down and kill you. (just kidding) Thank you again to all our loyal readers lets hope for 11000 more readers in the next few months.  here here

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