Raul Ibanez and the Blog Blow UP

Outside the Lines with the Blogger in question

As many in the blogosphere are already aware there has been some controversy about a blogger who suggested that it was reasonable to think that Ibanez may be on some sort of PED.  Midwest Sports Fans Jared Morris didn’t say that Ibanez was on PED’s. He just simply said there is a chance.

Being a fellow blogger not only do I agree with Jared Morris I think it is our (fans in general) responsibility to call players out on these sort of things.  It is not our fault that the majority of players were doing Steroids for the last 15 or 20 years.  It is the fan who has been hurt.  It is the fan that has been robbed of great memories. The players still make millions and millions of dollars.  So frankly, I don’t care about their feelings. Not one player ever gave their money back after getting caught cheating. So I think Ibanez has nerve questioning a blogger who just simple suggested what everyone else who is a fan is thinking.  Ibanez you are 37 years old and are putting up power numbers that you never did before.  Sure you play in a hitters park. Sure you have faced some questionable pitching. Sure it just may be your best season at 37. Those are all legit and as a die hard baseball fan I hope that’s what it is.  Who is being naive and irresponsible though in this situation? Is the blogger from the Mid West who is pointing out something everyone is already thinking, or is it the professional sports columnists that let this get out of hand over the years by not questioning anything?

By Michael Genovese

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One Comment on “Raul Ibanez and the Blog Blow UP”

  1. flashplayer Says:

    Hmm. Is it true? 🙂

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