The Mets Corner with Tony G


This week is going to be short and sweet. I would like to talk about the phenomenal rivalry that is the New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies. It’s alot of fun to watch these two teams battle when they are both at their best. The hate that these two ball clubs have for one another is starting to grow and compare to the epic Yankee and Red Sox rivalry. Both teams are stacked with competitors who would rather win a series against the opposition than see their first seed born.

The down side to a heated rivalry is that it hurts ten times worse when you lose two out of a three game series. What hurts even more than that is the fact that two of the games went into extra innings. It’s not the end of the world for the Mets but it is a shot in the nuts, considering NY had the lead in both games and could do absolutely nothing against the Phillies bullpen. On the other end of it, the Mets bullpen looked a lot like the garbage relief they were use to seeing the past two seasons.

NY needs to not dwell on this series and look ahead to an even tougher series against the Yankees over the weekend. I will tell you one thing; I myself can’t take another loss in a close game. It’s not even half way through the season and I am emotionally drained. Well all I can say to my fellow Metaholics is hang in there; there is plenty of baseball left.

This is Tony G. and thanks for stopping into the Mets Corner for your weekly Metropolitan

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