Don’t look to much into big papi homer.

Ok lets not get all excited folks. David Ortiz hit a fat pitch that was over the heart of the plate and took it over the wall. He is a major league hitter (supposedly) this doesn’t mean he’s all better and the Red Sox should go on like he never slumped. It was a horrible pitch right over the heart of the plate. AJ Burnett knew it and so did  everyone that was watching. Unless you are a Red Sox fan. “Now that  Papi is back we are going to win the world series”. BLAH BLAH BLAH . He is still on a pace to have around 80 hits in 400 AB if the Red Sox don’t bench him. 


What are they going to do when they start playing interleague ball. I know maybe they should bench Kevin Youkilis so that Ortiz can play first base.

The Yankees and the Red Sox are dead even right now as far as their records go But  their line up just isn’t as impressive without Manny Ramirez and a effective Ortiz in it.

Beyond Beckett their pitching is iffy at best.Tim  Wakefield has never done well against the Yankees and Daisuke Matsuzaka has a record of 1-4 with an ERA over 7. Brad Penny has an ERA over 5 and will probably be traded or released to make room for an aging John  Smoltz when he comes off the DL.  John Lester is 5-5 with an era over 5 as well.

The Yankees starting pitching as a whole is better and they certainly have a better lineup with Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez.

So even though the Red Sox have a 6-0 lead in this season series these two teams will be going at it till the bitter end. Every game counts but don’t think that one good at bat against the Yankees makes David Ortiz back to being a Yankee killer.

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