As drafted: Nats take Strasburg with No. 1 pick

As drafted: Nats take Strasburg with No. 1 pick

Notebook San Diego State Strasburg BaseballNobody is surprised with this one this kid is in the dictionary under phenom. Steven Strasburg throws a 4 seam fastball at 100 mph a 2 seamer in the low 90’s  and a slider that is better than both of the other two pitches. He was 12-1 at San Diego State with an ERA of 1.32. This kid is going to be a star. Now comes the “but” in this conversation and it goes like this. But its going to be a challenge to sign this kid. The Nationals will have until 8/15/09 to make the deal. The record for a rookie pitcher belongs to Mark Prior who signed for 10.5 million with the Cubs  in 2001. With Scott (money whore) Boras as his agent, rumor has it that he will ask for 50 million.

We all know how insane Boras is. I don’t think there is any way in hell that he will get that, especially from the Washington Nationals. However I would not be surprised if he signs at the deadline for around 15 million.

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