50 Million for a Strasburg? Stupid!

strasburg This is the thing about sports that I just can’t understand. Why would any team pay any rookie 50 million dollars when he has never thrown a pitch in the Big Leagues ever.  Sure Strasburg pitches 100mph. Sure he has a nasty curve I get it. Bottom line he has never faced major league hitters on a consistent basis.   Neither side has talked dollars but Scott Boras says he plans on asking for a lot more then the previous bench mark which is Mark Prior’s 10.5m. We all see how that turned out for the Cubs.

The problem runs deeper then just Baseball.  Rookies all over are signing outrageous contracts. Matt Ryan last year in the NFL signed a contract that gave him 37.5m guaranteed money. Of course he ended up paying huge dividends but he is the exception to the rule.  Mark Sanchez of the Jets just signed a 5 year 50 million dollar deal.  This kid has never thrown a pass in the NFL.  Owners need to put their foot down. They need to explain to these kids and their agents that they haven’t proved anything nor are they worthy of a Gagillion dollars off the go.  All major league sports need a rookie salary cap. Owners and players unions need to knock these kids down a peg.

The worst part of it is the 30 year old football player. Here is a guy who has been productive for 8 years and can be really productive for the next 6. instead he gets pushed aside and ends up in the UFL or on the Long Island Ducks and some kid who never played a down or thrown one pitch gets his spot. It’s embarrassing.

By Michael Genovese

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One Comment on “50 Million for a Strasburg? Stupid!”

  1. mike rook Says:

    59,928,000 thats the Nats payroll this year there is no way in hell they are putting out 50,000,000 for one player. Especially a rookie. I project that 15 million will land him at the deadline. His only other option is to wait until next year and risk losing his place in the draft to someone better or makeing alot less

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