Hamilton to undergo surgery, miss 4-6 weeks

Hamilton to undergo surgery, miss 4-6 weeksjosh-hamilton

The Texas Rangers are the beneficiary of living in a weak division. However you still have to win games and winning games is what they do. At 33-24 if the season ended today they would be in the playoffs as winners of their division by 4 games. Sadly at the beginning of the season I picked the A’s to win the west, boy was I wrong. But I did pick Texas to be the AL wild-card over the Boston Red Sox. I think they will win their division but I think the Angels will make it close.

Losing Josh Hamilton is huge. Whether its for 4-6 weeks or 4-6 hours Hamilton is a monster with the bat. Last years silver slugger recipient is off to a slow start with only 6 HR. If he comes back healthy in July look for him to go on a tear.

One thing that nobody called was the resurgence of Andrew Jones.  His .269 average isn’t dominate granted but after hitting .158 last season with the Dodgers its good to see him doing something with the bat again. With Hamilton on the DL he will get more opportunity’s to show us something. Hes a guy I have always routed for. How he went from one of the best to the shell of what he is now is a mystery. ( cough steroids) But hopefully he can make the Braves wish they had never thrown him on the trash heap. Remember the Braves are on our shit list for what they did to Tommy Glavin.

We are off topic a little, sorry, Hamilton’s injury was originally feared to be a hernia but turned out to be an abdominal tear which will certainly shorten his time out of the line-up. Ian Kinsler missed 12 weeks last season with a hernia. Hamilton’s Abdominal tear will only keep him for about 6 weeks.

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