Could Pettitte win 300 games

Granted this seems unlikely seeing how he has been talking about retiring for a few seasons now lets look at the math before you say I’m crazy.pettitteandclemens

With Andy Pettitte’s win tonight he has 6 so far this season. He has been consistently averaging 15 wins a year for the last 4 seasons .Averaging 33 starts and completing 200 + inning each year. So we can say without reservations that he is a workhorse. Lets assume that he will win 15 games this season. This would leave him with 230 wins at 37 years old.

I know what you are saying. “Mike you are high ,he would need  70 more wins and he is 37 years old.” Now I’m not saying he is going to win 300 games , I’m just saying its not as crazy as it sounds. If he can play 5 more years he will be 42 years old. If he continues to win 15 games a year over those 5 years that would be 75 more wins putting him at 305 wins.

Lets look at what some other pitchers have done after the age of 37

Tom Glavin-54 wins

Randy Johnson – 100 wins

Jamie Moyer– 119 wins

Greg Maddux –66 wins

David Wells – 78 wins

If David wells can win 78 games after the age of 37 their is absolutely no way that a healthy Andy Pettitte couldn’t do it if he wanted to. Will Andy win 300 games? Probably not, could he win 300 games? I think so , but I also think he will retire at the end of this season. But If he doesn’t , well ya never know. Any way you swing it I think he gets a spot in the Hall of Fame what do you think?

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