News Flash: David Ortiz is bad

85127739JJ058_Boston_Red_SoOk so maybe this is not so much of a news flash but its time we all faced reality David Ortiz is done. Let us  first look at the facts:

`1. he has a .185 batting average with 1 HR on June 1st

2.  He can’t catch up to an 85mph fast ball

3. The Last time he only had 1 HR was his Rookie season with the twins and that was over 10 games he has played 46 games.

4. He has dropped from 4th to 6th in the line-up

5. When he does get a hit its usually a dribbling single that is just out of someone’s  reach, hence the 13 doubles in 178 AB

6. He isn’t even getting his walks as his OBP has dropped to .284

All this in June and the Red Sox continue to play him every day. WHY?? Then what really makes me laugh is everyone routes for him like he’s their wounded Uncle Papi.  Wake up Boston fans you couldn’t even trade this guy right now for a minor league prospect. To give you a clue on how bad he really is last year the worst (non pitching) hitter in all of baseball was Corey Patterson who batted .183, so right now you can say he is among the worst hitters in the game and for a DH that is a serious problem. If he played defense then some forgiveness could be made but for a DH , no way.

What’s curious to me is that he has always been one of the better hitters in the game and then all of the sudden he sucks?  Come on people lets get real he had to be juicing. Its just a matter of time before an article appears about him that starts out “ A former Red Sox club house attendant has stated” But for some reason you never hear anyone speculating that a Red Sox could ever do such a thing. Probably has something to do with the bias that ESPN has and the fact that the head of the Steroids investigating committee ,George Mitchell, is the chairman of the Red Sox. Who thought that one up? There is also the fact that he is from the Dominican which seems to be where many of the players that have been caught have been from.- Sammy Sosa, Miguel Tejada, Guillermo Mota, Alex Rodreiguez all Dominican.

Another thing that I have heard mentioned is the fact that he may have lied about his age and isnt really 33 and is really more like 39. This is also not unheard of with players from the Domincan Republic. Usually they lie about there age when they are very young. Example Migel Tejada said he was 17 when he was rally 19. But this wouldn’t explain a sudden drop in production. You would think it would be more gradual over a few years.

So what is the answer to this dilemma. If your the Red Sox you need to face reality and quick. You are 1 game out of first place and you are not scoring runs anywhere’s near the pace that the Yankees are. Maybe you pull him aside and say David we need to see if we can fix this we are putting you on the DL and sending you down to work on things. Maybe you see if anybody wants him in some sort of trade. Or maybe you just release him. What you don’t do is let him stay in the lineup and continue to hit like a pitcher at least not if you want to make the playoffs.

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3 Comments on “News Flash: David Ortiz is bad”

  1. Genevosey Says:

    They see it. They refuse to believe it. There may be some validity to the fact that he is older then he says. Either way how do you not bench the guy. Drop him to 6th in the lineup the guy is embarrassing himself.

  2. mike rook Says:

    Yeah the roids I fear have caught up with him and Boston doesn’t even see it

  3. Rafael DeJesus Says:

    I am a die hard N.Y. Yankee fan. All I can say is bye bye BIG PAPI

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