Brewers shake up ‘pen, release struggling Julio

Brewers shake up ‘pen, release struggling Julio

The Brewers even without CC Sabathia and Ben  Sheets are contenders. To me June first is the start of the trade speculation season for all contenders. The Brewers need to do something to fix their struggling bull pen in a hurry. Releasing Julio was a smart move I was never a big fan of his to begin with and I predicted this when they signed him.julio

Statistics show that 66% of teams that are in first place on June first make the playoffs. The Brewers are likely to be part of the 34% if they don’t get serious about fixing what is now a very narrow bridge to Trever Hoffman.

The NL Central is a very competitive division this year and even though they are in first place now Im still picking the Cubs to make a comeback. Yes I know what you are saying , “Mike the cubs have been in a tailspin of late and just lost eight straight games and one Gatorade cooler.

Simmer down kids they are only 4 games out and have way to much talent to stay there. Unless the Brewers do something right now to sure up the pen it might be an interesting month of June. Or I could be insane and talking out of my butt. But remember I called the Julio thing before the season even started didn’t I?

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