Two years after Series run, Rockies fire Hurdle

Two years after Series run, Rockies fire Hurdleclint_hurdle

How can someone keep there Job for over seven seasons and only have a winning record once? Only the manager of the Colorado Rookies can. Clint Hurdle was the only manager in the history of baseball to start out with 5 losing seasons in a row and not lose his job. If anyone out there still wants to say he is without his best Hitter and without his best pitcher speak now or shut up..   Ill wait……… Are you done? Well shut up anyhow because he should have been fired long ago. The amazing run that the Rockies had at the end of the 2007 season when they went 20-1 and got into the wildcard after a one game playoff with the Padres bought him a couple more years but it was only a matter of time and starting out the season with only 18 wins at the end of May and being 14 games back certainly is reason enough in my book.

Jim Tracy will take over for Hurdle as the manager of the Rockies. Tracey was brought in as the bench coach this season at the request of GM Dan O’Dowd. Note : If the GM Picks your Bench coach and his resume is better than yours your probably gettin canned.

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