The Mets Corner with Tony G

mets I don’t even know where to begin this week. Let’s start off with the fact that the Mets have been hotter then Megan Fox over the last six games. To start, NY took two out of three from a stellar Boston team, on the road none the less. That was followed by an outstanding series at Citi field, swatting the Nats like an annoying bug at a family reunion. The Mets got a little help in the third game by a controversial two run home run off the bat of converted first baseman Daniel Murphy. Murphy must have gotten a confidence boost playing a different position or he found himself a girlfriend, whatever it is he needs to keep doing it. Murph had a five RBI game Wednesday night against an awful Nationals ball club. It’s possible that Daniel just needed to get some at bats against some mediocre pitching to find his swing again.

Next on the list is the decision to call up the Mets top young prospect Fernando Martinez. With Ryan Church on the 15 day DL and Carlos Beltran needing a few days off to rest his knee, NY really didn’t have much of a choice. Martinez played well in AAA Buffalo, but by the looks of it he should have stayed there. The kid has showed he obviously isn’t ready for the big leagues. Martinez hit a high fly ball in the infield that the fielder had dropped, and because he didn’t run it out it was an easy play at first base. There are two things that you must have to be a star in this league, one is heart and the other is hustle. If you do not have these two X factors in your arsenal then you might as well not even bother to lace up your cleats.

Gary Sheffield has been hitting like he is either on the juice or he took an ice bath in the fountain of youth and brought him back to his playing days in Atlanta. If Shef can keep this up then expect good things out of the Amazin’s this season.

This is Tony G. and thanks for stopping into the Mets Corner for your weekly Metropolitan fix.

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