Mets put Reyes, Church on DL; Beltran still out

Mets put Reyes, Church on DL; Beltran still out

Ouch! The Mets are being decimated by the injuries. Jose’ Reyes on the Dl with tendinitis and Ryan Church on the Dl with hamstring problems spells trouble for the already banged up Mets line up.  Carlos Beltran has a bruised bone and will sit out at least thou the weekend. Not to mention that Carlos Delgado, Alex Cora,Oliver Perez and Brian Schneider were already on the DL. METS PHILLIES BASEBALL

How the Mets are able to stay in there with the Phillies is amazing to me. Playing the Nationals and then the Marlins over the next  two series should help them hang in their. But on that same note the Phillies have the fish now and then the Nationals as well. So don’t expect the Mets to gain any ground this week. But if they can just hang in there they should be able to get some of their talent back the early part of next week.

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4 Comments on “Mets put Reyes, Church on DL; Beltran still out”

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    hola como esta

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    yo no qui ero desil nada lounico que kiero es que mi tio me able ok chrystopher reyes conosco a tu elmano yoel reyes ok si lees esto porfavo escribeme ok deseo que algun dia yo te bea ok

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