Yankees #7

pissedHere is something funny ESPN power rankings have the Red Sox at number 5 and the Yankees at number 7.Yo know how much I love those fellows over at ESPN. Does this make any sense? Lets look at the last 11 games the Bombers are 9-2 and the Red Sox are 6-5. David Ortiz is hitting .208 with no HR and Kevin Youkilis and Daisuke Matsuzaka are both on the DL. Alex Rodriguez has hit 4 HR in the last 4 games. Mark Texeria has doubled his HR total sense A-rods return, Damon is Hitting .322 with 10 HR and CC Sabathia has given up only 3 runs in his last 25 innings pitched. But someone at ESPN seems to think Boston ,whose team ERA is over 5 is better than the Yankees.

I have never heard anything so stupid in my life. But hey who cares right? On to something that matters. The Yankees won again its like there millionth game in a row as they absolutely crushed the Orioles 9-1. A-Rod and Tex both hit Homer’s (again) for like the billionth time in a row. Seems like it doesn’t it. Well the Yankees move to within 3.5 games of the First Place Blue Jays who are the only other team in the American league, besides the Yankees, that have a winning record at home and away.CC was Dominate only giving up 3 singles over 7 innings and Brian Bruney came on to pitch a scoreless eighth .It was Brett Tomko in the ninth who had another scoreless inning .Tonight he didn’t appear in a big spot with the Yankees leading by like 20 runs or so, but he continues to show good stuff and I feel will be around for a while.

In that much anticipated roster move that allowed Bruney to return to the line up the Yankees have sent Edwar Rimerez back to Scranton. I have always felt Edwar is one of those guys who is to good for Scranton but not good enough for the MLB but hopefully he will get some work in and preform better. So far this year he has given up 10 earned runs in just 17 innings. That isn’t going to get it done in professional baseball on any level. Oh, heres something Phil Coke came to work today as the next Yankee pitcher with a shaved head. First Bruney now Coke. I wonder if we are starting a trend. Remember when everyone had fake stashes for Jason Giambi? How about thousands of bald fans? that would be quite a sight.

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