Must read sites

Every once in a while you come across a site that is a must read and if your a fan of the NY Yankees Yankees online magazine is the one. Now ok ok you caught me Mike G and I also run that site but hey If I cant plug my own site on my own site than what would this world be coming to right? It really is a good site and we try and get to the games live to show you original pictures and re-caps. I will also be spotlighting some of the Yankees Minor league talents in YOM spotlight pieces so check it out its worth your time.

My Partner Mike G also hosts a sports site of his own which he is fully to blame for. OH OH i mean responsible for. Its a great site where he covers more than just the baseball news that we get to here. Its called Deep thoughts with Gene Vosey

Behind the Foul Pole, Yankees Online Magazine and Deep thoughts with Gene Vosey need to be on your daily read list. Or hey subscribe to the feedburner feeds. If your not familiar read up on it . Its worth your time.

In other odd baseball news Todd Helton was robed of his 2000 career hit as it was ruled an error. It clearly was a hit in my book . Can you say robbed? The official scorer is an idiot and wins our boob of the week award. Way to go jerk.

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