Genevosey on the road

large_cc-sabathia-yankees Genevosey and his good friend the brains behind were on the road yesterday for the Yankees vs the Angels.  Briefly, the ball park is still amazing on this my second visit.  I mean really just phenomenal.  The game, not so much.  CC Sabathia took the mound for the Yanks and did an ok job.  However, he still doesn’t look like the number 1 starter he was brought in to be.  The Yanks did jump up 1-0 in the first inning.  They wouldn’t score again until the 9th and by then they were staring at a 8-1 deficit.  The Yanks bull pen once again was shaky.  CC was pulled after 6 and 2/3.  He let up 4 earned runs.  Wouldn’t have been so bad if the bull pen didn’t come in and make a mockery of what a bull pen is suppose to do.  This is a serious problem for the Yankees who have been playing better baseball on what was a 4 game winning streak.  The Angels got a badly needed win and will be looking to split the series today in the Bronx. 

Overall, another great experience on the road for Genevosey and Hobokenworld.  We both suggest you try the sweet sausage at the stadium it is as my mother would say, “out of this world.”  Honestly the feel of the park is the same as the old Yankee Stadium except brand new.  We suggest everyone get there if you can. 

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