Matt Garza is not half the slub I thought he was.

mattgarzaI’m always the first one to admit when I’m wrong about someone and after Matt Garza’s 0-2 start I had given him slub status.

All that changed tonight when he pitched one of the best games I have ever seen him pitch taking a perfect game through 6 innings against the Boston Red Sox.  Now its one thing to pitch 6 perfect innings against a team like the Royals or the Orioles but to do it against one of the elite powerhouses in the league says something.

The perfect game was brokenup in the top of the 7th with an infield hit to Jacoby Elsbury. Garza got the next batter to hit into a double play.

Garza struck out 10 Red Sox and the Rays jumped all over so called Ace Josh Beckett en route to a 13-0 victory at Tropicana field.

The Rays have been struggling after making it to the World Series last year they are 9-14 5.5 games back behind Boston and just came back from a 3-6 road trip. Granted its early and anything can happen but I called it at the beginning of the season that the Rays would look more like the Rays of old and Im sticking to it.

That being said I still love watching the overrated Beckett get pounded. He pitched one hell of a game. At 25 years old he will have plenty more opportunities to pave his way into the record book.

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2 Comments on “Matt Garza is not half the slub I thought he was.”

  1. mike rook Says:

    ok mike ,so maybe your the slub. LOL

  2. Genevosey Says:

    FYI. I just dropped him off my fantasy team that morning. Story of my life

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