The red sawx

theo-epstein The Boston Red Sox are on a tear right now winning 10 in a row. As I write this post they are tied up in the 5th inning with the Indians and Wakefield is pitching another Gem.  Theo Epstein has done it again ladies and gentlemen.  Most of the ESPN pundits had them third in the division.  Wrong.  The Sox Brass did what they have been doing since 2004 this offseason.  They made the right choices and spent the right amount of money.  They resigned Kevin Youkilis their stud infielder to a 4 year deal with a 5th year option.  They also signed the Captain and leader of the team Jason Varitek to a 2 year deal.  Many people thought it was time to part ways but I thought it was important to keep him around for his leadership skills alone.  This year he is batting right around .270 and managing the staff well.  They didn’t get Texiera and he ended up in NYC.  However that helped them keep Mike Lowell who right now leads the league in Runs batted in with 22.

Then they reached out of the organization for what some would say was iffy talent. They first signed Rocco Baldelli, Takashi Saito, Brad Penny, and John Smotlz.  These are high risk but big reward pick ups.  Most importantly Epstein went out and picked undervalued guys for less money and so far, save Smoltz, have been effective.  Baldelli given the playing time could be a real nice surprise.  

Watch out for the Boston Red Sox, I expect them to keep this up.  It really comes down to better management.  The Yankees went out and spent the most money but did they get the best value? I don’t think so.  Theo Epstein takes a statistical approach to baseball with a little bit of a baseball spin and in return he has 2 championships and more on the way.

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