Banged up Red Sox complete sweep of Baltimore

matersonThe Boston Red Sox currently  have one of the longest disabled lists in baseball .
Daisuke Matsuzaka SP Apr 15, 2009 15-day Right arm fatigue
Jed Lowrie SS/3B Apr 12, 2009 15-day Left wrist sprain
Miguel González RP Mar 27, 2009 60-day Recovery from right elbow surgery
Mark Kotsay CF Mar 27, 2009 15-day Recovery from back surgery
John Smoltz SP Mar 27, 2009 15-day Recovery from right shoulder surgery
Julio Lugo SS Mar 27, 2009 15-day .Right knee surgery
Jonathan Van Every CF Mar 27, 2009 15-day Right ankle sprain

But even with all this against them they still managed to beat up on the lowely Baltimore Orioles. Justin Masterson filling in for the injured  Matsuzaka pitched 5 1/3 innings, giving up four hits and a run. He walked two and struck out three, throwing 84 pitches as the Sox capped the four game sweep with a 12-1 victory. Materson has silenced some of the doubters ,at least for today ,on whether he can pitch in the big leagues. It was Materson’s first start sense last July.

Leading the way for the Red Sox offensively was  Dustin Pedroia, who banged out four hits, scored three runs and drove in three more. The Red Sox are starting to look like they are supposed to look and will soon be back near the top of the division.

The Yankees and the Red Sox are now both 6-4 and just a couple of games behind the overachiving Toronto Blue Jays setting up for an exciting Yanks vs Sox Series over this weekend.

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