Nick Swisher Does it all

As I type this the NY Yankees are getting there collective butts handed to them 15-5 by the Tampa Rays. In what started as an ugly game for The Yankees their most effective pitcher was Nick Swisher the Backup First Baseman/Outfieldernick-swisher1r acquired from the White Sox in the off season.

Nick has been on Fire behind the plate and added to that with another home run this evening. He also had a strikeout.  Yes that is correct Nick Swisher pitched a scoreless 8th inning and recorded a strikeout. I guess Nicks Blazing 75 MPH fastball was to much for the Rays. He actually didn’t look all that bad out there. Obviously it was a blow out and they were just trying to save their arms for a game they could actually win. But it sure looked like Nick was having fun, he was all smiles and as always he was having a great time. He is the first position player to pitch an inning for the Bombers sense Wade Boggs pitched a scoreless inning in 1997 with a strikeout. Boggs also pitched an inning for the Rays in 1999 giving up 3 hits and 1 run.

Ichiro Suzuki is also said to be a decent pitcher for a position player . Although not yet given the opportunity to try it out he threw in the bull pen at the WBC and was touching the low 90’s.

with his fastball.

Assuming that the Yankees wont be letting Derek Jeter or Jorge  Posada pitch in the near future I’m fairly certain that Brian Cashman is on the phone with Scranton to call up some bull-pen help. I vote for Brett Tomko who pitched so well during spring training however I feel that Dave Robertson would probably be the favorite should the Yankees look to make a move.

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2 Comments on “Nick Swisher Does it all”

  1. S Says:

    i think the yanks should spend more money and jew up baseball even further. make it more boring and more shallow like a movie or some jewbag music like american idol. whatever happened to the great joe torre? oh wait, we have another idiot that replaced him. what a wonderfully underperforming team. hands-down, the dumbest baseball fans are yankees fans.


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