It almost seems wrong to bash Buster Brown on such a holy day.

Naaaah It’s what I live for. Happy Eater everyone for those of you who are religious this is a very important day for you ,go to church , eat a big dinner with your family. For those of you aren’t religious skip to the eat a big dinner and everyone should catch a ball game. Baseball on Easter should be a tradition like football on thanksgiving,at least it is in my house.

Buster (brown) Ulney has done it again. He takes poop and writes about it for an entire column. In todays fecal masterpiece he talks about how after one start  Cole Hammels might be in for a disappointing season. WHAT???PHILS29-E Its one start mr brown. CC Sabtahia was horrible in his first outing and came back to pitch 7 innings of shut out baseball the next time on the mound.

He makes a comparison to other pitchers who had high innings the year before and came back to flop the next season namely Curt Shilling 2005 , Chis Carpender 2006, and Josh Beckett 2008. I think this is absurd. Shilling is an old man, Carpenter in 2006 was injured and Beckett even though he was only 12-10 he still led his team to the  playoffs and in my mind pitched to what he is. His 20 game season in 2007 was a  career year that he probably will never repeat. Cole Hammels has been a success for 543 innings in his short yet brilliant career but for Buster Brown to put all that in doubt after 3.2 bad innings is stupid.

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