Final thoughts on Day 2

The Red Sox beat the Rays 5-3 and Josh  Beckett was awesome with ten strikeouts. Remember this the Rays playing in Boston in April is like the Cowboys playing in Green Bay in December. Beckett is not going to be as great as everyone thinks.

San Fransisco beat the brewers 10-6.  Tim Lincecum was awful only lasting three innings. Don’t worry him and CC will both win 20 games for their teams.Ten runs wow last season if the Giants scored 10 runs you would say they had a good week.

The White Sox took down the Royals 4-2 not because they played better but because Kyle Farnsworth sucks. He sucked with the Yankees and he sucks with the Royals giving up a game winning home run in the 8th.

Marlins are dealing beating the Nationals again with Emilio Bonifacio getting two more hits and an RBI and Jorge Cantu with two hits and two RBI’s. Don’t get two excited Fish fans Washington might not ever win a game. Fish 9-3

A home run for Chipper Jones as the Braves shut down the world champion Phillies 4-0 .  Braves are contenders mark my words.

SanDiago took out the Dodgers 4-2 and although Heath Bell is no Trever Hoffman he threw the best curve ball to Rafael Furcal in the bottom of the ninth on 0-1 count that I have ever seen. He gets career save number three. Watch out Trever.

The rest of the games were ehh who cares but heres a link to check out the box scores anyhow.

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