My Predictions Division winners/ Series/MVP/Rookie of the Year/ Cy

baseballThe Season is here finallyhere so  I’m going to make some pre-season  predictions. Here are my division winners and other awards.

American League:

East : Yankees

Great pitching and power hitting should make up for their lack of Defensive talent.

Central: Twins

Although they don’t have a great hitting team neither does anyone else in this division. They have the better pitching but it wouldn’t surprise me if any of t the central  teams won it. Even the Royals are within the margin of error predicted to finish 11 games back. However if anyone wants to put money on them Ill give you 20-1.

West: Athletics

The ageing Angels just wont be able to keep up with the A’s this time. Unless Billy Beane trades it all away at the all star break like he did last season. I feel there are just to many injury questions in the Angels rotation to keep up with the newly retooled A’s. The acquisition of Jason Giambi and Matt Holiday should bring an added pop to their line-up. But if their very young pitching staff doesn’t get the job done and they fall out of contention. Look for them to sell Matt Holiday to the highest bidder mid-season.

Wild Card : Red Sox

It will come down to the final game of the year but I’m not as sold on their starting rotation as some. I think Josh Beckett will regress and Tim Wakefield just plain sucks. But you have to love Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis. I’m not really sold on Jacoby Ellsbury in CF at least from an offensive standpoint. Defensively there is no doubt hes great.

National League

East: Mets

Very proactive in the off season the addition of JJ Putz andFransisco  Rodríguez will make it a 7 inning ball game. Jose Reyes may contend for the NL MVP this year.


Everyone else in the central is awful, the Cubs seem to have the most depth. It will be interesting to watch how patient manager Lou Pinella is with Kosuke Fukudome. Although he is good defensively had a horrible second half last season and has been so so at best this spring. With Reed Johnson waiting in the wings the pressure will be on Fukudome to preform. (I just like saying his name)

West: Dodgers

Now that Manny  Ramírez is back they are the gem of the NL with Rafeal Furcal, Orlando Hudson and Manny. they should be a force offensively in a weak NL West.

Wild Card: Braves

The Braves are my sleeper in the National League this season. I love their Rotation with the acquisitions of Derek Lowe and Javier Vázquez . Brian McCann and Chipper Jones will have huge seasons this year and Jeff Francouer will be my pick for comeback player of the year after batting only .239 last season I think he will return to form and bat closer to .300. I’m also going out on a limb and calling them the NL representatives to the World Series.

World Series.   Yankees  vs   Braves

Winner:  Yankees in seven

AL CY Young:  CC Sabathia runner up:  Roy Holladay

NL CY Young :  Johan Santana runner up: Derek Lowe

AL Rookie of the Year : Matt Weiters

NL Rookie of the Year:  Cameron Maybin

AL MVP  :  Alex Rodriguez

NL MVP:  Jose Reyes

other predictions:  Reyes will steal 50   Alfonso Soriano will go 40/40   Santana will win 23 games

Fransisco Liriano will win 20 games   Brett Gardner will steal 40 Bases Vladimir Guerrero will be horrible and will be benched mid season.  (just kidding 40 HR 120 RBI’s )

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