Joba pleads guilty

joba-chamberlain-yankeesAfter getting his arraignment postponed four times Joba Chamberlain finally got his day in court. Joba was pulled over Oct. 18 by police on the outskirts of Lincoln. Authorities say his blood-alcohol level was 0.134 percent. The legal limit in Nebraska is 0.08 percent.

Joba faced the judge today and pleaded guitly and was given 9 months probation and a $400 fine. He will also lose his licence for 60 days and take an alchol education class. As part of a plea deal the open container charge was dropped.

“I am glad to put the legal aspect of this behind me,” Chamberlain said in a statement. “I made a mistake and hope over time to turn this into a positive learning experience for me and others.”

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One Comment on “Joba pleads guilty”

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