So you think you can blog

I’m looking for a team that can help bring this blog into the forefront  of competitive blogging up there with blogs like deadspin or MLBTR. Im hoping to staff 5 writers plus myself this is one person to cover news from each division around baseball. I already have my eye on a couple of young inspiring blog authors that I think have skills, but I want the competition to widen.

If you love baseball and want to be apart of this winning team drop me an e-mail at I’m looking at having a team in place within the next couple of weeks. Here are some of the qualifications for the job.

1. You must love Baseball

2. You must hate stupidity

3. Sarcasm is king

4. you have to do my dry cleaning  (kidding)

5. A hatred for ESPN is helpful but not required.

6. If you think Joe buck is the greatest don’t bother applying

7. Im looking for someone that can commit to at least one  feature story a week.

8.  Did I mention you should love Baseball.

9. Sorry this is not a paid gig. My intent is only to make you famous.

Drop me a note and lets chat. I look foreword to hearing from all you behind-the-foul-pole3aspiring writers.


King of the Foul Pole

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