ESPN Bugs me

bugeyesThere was always a little something that I didn’t like about ESPN. I used to think It was the Red Sox bias announcers or Joe Buck’s awful commentary but I know have discovered that it is much more.

First I find that their writers “respected opinions” are usually full of BS. Or they write stories of no real relevance.

Or maybe its that their opinions are not often thought out. For example the whole Joba Chamberlain to the bullpen thing which ESPN writers insist is going to happen. Why would they think this even for a minute. Joba is a young pitcher with 4 or 5 above average pitches. Before being put in the bullpen to get him some innings after being called up from the minors he was a starter. He was always a starter. He has the potential to be a top three in the rotation guy once he gets to the point where he can throw 200 innings a year. Mark Texiera is a great hitter and probably would be a good pinch hitter too. So do you use him off the bench because he would be good at it? See where I’m going?  Which will benefit the Yankees more 170 innings of great pitching or 50 innings?

The Manny is a Cancer thing. ESPN made Manny Rameriz out to be the Anti-Christ when he left Boston stateing that he wasn’t getting his own way so he stopped trying forcing Boston to trade him. If the numbers he put up during this time period was him not trying he can come not try on my team any time. We are only hearing the side of the story that ESPN wants us to hear. Seems that Boston has had other players that have really wanted out (see Nomar Garciapara) too. There must be a reason why some players don’t like playing for the organization. But I guarantee that if this is the case you will never hear about it on ESPN.

What really bugs me more than anything is the ESPN Insider thing. They want me to pay them a monthly fee to read their complete articles on their site. This is Journalistic Prostitution. You don’t see any of the other big sites like Yahoo or CBS sports or Sports Illustrated trying to rape you of your hard earned money on their sites for the same news do you?

A promise that I will make to you right now. I will never become a literary whore and try and charge you for the news and beyond using the player listings as a stat reference I no longer will re-dish you any of the crap that they are trying to sell you. I will bring you the same stuff for free.

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