The Jose’ Tabatha story gets better all the time

amalia-tabata-pereiraRemember earlier in the week when Pirates (formerly Yankees) top Prospect Jose’ Tabathas wife was arrested and charged with kidnapping? Well the story gets even better. Aparently Not only  had she told Tabatha that she was pregnant with his child, (LIE) but the baby she stole was his (BIGGER LIE).

Also Tabatha was unaware that his wife Amalia Tabata Pereira had spent time in prison for more than two years for Arson. Tabatha said in a prepared statement in Spanish  “The truth is that my wife told me many lies that, until this whole situation began, I did not know.One that hurt me a lot was her history as a criminal—that she had spent years in prison, that she had robbed and committed fraud.”

Amalia Tabata Pereira faces charges of Impersonating a Public Officer, False Imprisonment, and Interference with Custody not the kidnapping charges that were originally  reported.

OK I have to stop you right there. How does someone take a child and not get charged with kidnapping? She told the Mother of the infant that she was an immigration official and her husband was to be deported. (ok there is your impersonating a Public Officer) Then she took the baby. ( uhhh I would call that kidnapping) apparently that’s false imprisonment.

There should be a law against just plain stupidity If there was her and Jose’ would both  be guilty.How do you marry someone that spent more than 2 years in prison for Arson and not know it ? What does a 20 year old potential superstar see in a 43 year old woman.? Then there’s the hunny I just had this baby and its yours story.No labor , no delivery room just bring home a baby and claim you had it earlier.

Apparently Less than 24 hours later, an anonymous caller told Manatee County officials the baby could be picked up at the shopping center. Mark my word there is more to this story and someone isn’t telling us everything. Who is this annonmous caller? Was it Tabatha? Why a shopping mall? and where? Did someone leave the baby in a basket by the fountain? Mark my words  this is not the last time we hear about this story. It just keeps getting better all the time.

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2 Comments on “The Jose’ Tabatha story gets better all the time”

  1. YZZZZZ Says:

    Welcome to the world of the latin monkey

  2. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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