‘Zero regrets’: Schilling announces retirement

‘Zero regrets’: Schilling announces retirement

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A fond goodbye to one of the classier guys in the game and an avid blogger Curt Shilling. As A Yankees fan I will admit that I didn’t have a lot of love for Curt over the years. (mainly because he wasn’t on my team) He was a great talent that served his team well. Curt finishes his career with a record of 216-146 with 3116 strike outs and a era of 3.46. There are only 16 pitchers all time that have 3000 or more strike outs, led by  who has 5,714 a record that i feel will never be broken. The only active player that is even sniffing this accomplishment is Tom Glavine bloddy-sockwith 2,607 however it is unlikely that he will ever reach this milestone. The only member of the 3000 Strike out club not elected to the Hall of Fame is Bert Blyleven who is considered by most to be best eligible pitcher not elected and will continue to be on the ballot until 2011.

Curt’s Blog 38 pitches has long been a staple in my baseball reading diet and hopefully he will continue to share his musings and open-mindedness for years to come. Nothing symbolizes Curt Schilling’s impressive heart better than pitcher ‘s bloody sock, which he donated to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Schilling pitched Game 2 of the 2004 World Series just days after he had surgery to repair a ruptured tendon sheath on his right ankle.

Curt has 3 world championships and finished runner up for the Cy Young award three times. Between 2001-2004 heres how he ranked

Wins 74                         1st
Win pct. .725              4th
Strikeouts 1,006      2nd
CGs 17                            4th

So I guess the next question to be asked is obvious  Does Curt Belong in the Hall Of Fame?

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