Hello fellow baseball bloggers did I mention that A-rod is now buying hookers?

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In other baseball news it Appears that things just keep getting worse for    A-fraud A-Rod as now it appears he has connections to hookers.  Wow (takes deep breath ) this guy just doesnt know where to stop does he.

After his well publicized divorce with his wife Cindy, The Stripper in Toronto, The “Hey” thing, the steroids on top of the needed hip surgery we find out that he dated a hooker who got him more hookers. Whats next perhaps he will roofie a cheerleader and kill her while he sleeps.

Here is a little video that I found on You tube after Cynthia found out

Two former employees of the call girl agency say the Yankees player became a regular at one of Kristin Davis’ three agencies and wooed the woman in charge. “In regard to Alex, all I can say is our paths have definitely crossed personally and professionally,” Davis told the New York Daily News. The two met in 2006, before his divorce and “affair of the heart” with Madonna

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